Lucky Colours

You don’t have to be a suspicious person to have a lucky number or colour, many people have numbers or colours to remind them of events or people in their past. It could be their number on the vest of their first school race, or the colour of their bedroom when they were growing up. […]

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Famous Seers of all Time

Nostradamus is probably known as the most famous seers of all time, in particular, his prediction when the world would end. The famous French seer claimed that all his predictions were based on judicial astrology, but during his time other notable astrologists were highly sceptical of his predictions. There have been many seers is history […]

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Lucky Numbers Around the World

Everybody has a lucky number, and we all probably picked it for a really personal reason. Quite often people choose numbers associated with their age, the day or year they were born. But around the world, whole nations have lucky numbers that could signify any sort of reason or event. In this blog, we delve […]

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