Famous Astrologers

The never-ending curiosity makes people different from animals. We always want to know more, to understand new things and to get answers to all questions. As a result, people have started to notice the sky and tried to read some signs of destiny from the start since the very early days of our civilization. However, the maps of stars, planets and other subjects of sky are very mysterious and not everyone was able to do it but the gifted only. Later, the ability to read from the sky was defined as a field of science, so more and more people were able to do it, and this is how astrology became s subject of superstitions in the last few decades. However, many great astrologers are well-known until now from the days when looking to the stars was a legitimate method of decision-making.

Nechepso and Petosiris

First, it is important to notice that an exact identification of a person is unknown. The mysterious author who wrote the important scientifically series of books in the 1st century BCE became an incognito in a history. Instead of gained an immortal famous, this author ascribed the compilation or series to an Egyptian king named Nechepso, and to a priest named Petosiris, as a result, all his works are called by these two names. These series of books became a very important base Hellenistic and Roman tradition of astrology. The original books have not survived until these ages, but they are quoted in many other ancient pieces of research, as a result, the significant of those books is undoubtedly proven.

Vettius Valens

A roman astrologer Vettius Valens wrote many books as well as made lots of researches in a field of astrology and astronomy in the middle of the 2nd century. He analyzed the subjects of astronomy in a very philosophical way and advised the rich people of noble families in decision-making situations. Vettius Valens left many books of astrology written in the Greek language as well as charts and maps of starts. His works later were analyzed by the Persian and Arabic scientists and got a new life by the medieval astrologers.

Claudius Ptolemy

The works of Ptolemy are well-known for specialists in many different fields as this man was interested in astronomy, geography, music, optics, and astrology. He wrote a very serious and professional book in a field of astrology that is also called the Tetrabiblos. Ptolemy had a different and revolutionary perspective of thinking in those days, as a result, he still is quoted by many scientists. Also, the idea to use topical zodiac signs instead of planets was invented by Ptolemy and his signs are the ones we use today.


This name sounds familiar to everyone. A physician who lived and worked in the 16th century was hidden behind the Latin nickname Nostradamus. He is well-known for his book called The Prophecies and predictions about the catastrophic future. In the introduction, Nostradamus claimed that he based all predictions on astrology and specific features of zodiac signs that somehow have bonds with every year of the future he described in the book. However, his knowledge and input to the field of astrology are questionable.