Four Songs About Astrology

Musicians are wondering and often mystical types, so it is no wonder that many famous musician’s creative output has often featured astrology. Covering all genres of music, from hip-hop to blues, country and soul – astrology is a broad church that has influenced many people and the popular mythos of many countries. From lamenting break ups that were in part due to astrological superstitions, to a meditation on Courtney Love’s vaginal horoscopes (yes, really), these four songs cover a full range of emotional and musical reactions to astrological traditions.

Outkast – Aquemini

One of this writer’s favourite hip-hop albums of all time, the smartly named title track of the Atlantan duos debut album is smoother than fluttering silk. ‘Nothing is fo’ sure, nothing is forever, until you close the curtain, its Aquemini’ Andre 3000 croons on the intro. Although the lyrical content may not touch on astronomy often after that opening, the whole album has a mystical and philosophical theme that spreads from this title track. Also, Aquarius and Gemini are both water signs (who apparently love intelligent rap when it comes to music) and Gemini is associated with twins, which fits with Outkast duo against the world stylings.

The Supremes – No Matter What Sign You Are

One of two songs on this list that namecheck all twelve signs of the Zodiac, this song is also the last single Diana Ross recorded before she left the group in 1970. Someday We’ll Be Together was released two years later but was actually recorded before the release of this astrologically themed track. Nearly 20 years later in 1989 New York hip-hop group Beastie Boys also sampled this track on their double platinum album Paul’s Boutique. However, their take on the track, suggestively entitled ‘Shake Your Rump’ was less high-minded and didn’t touch on astronomy at all.

Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana

‘She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak’ goes Kurt Cobain’s opening line of this 1990s Grunge rock staple from the legendary Seattle band. It has been suggested that this song means many things over the years, from his wife Courtney Love’s predilection for talking about horoscopes and her vagina, to the existential sadness of children who get cancer. Whatever the truth of the matter, Cobain was certainly a spiritual person who had an interest in astrology – and the frequent references to star-signs in this song are a testament to that.

Curtis Mayfield – Readings in Astrology

That astrology sure got me

All screwed up here this morning

Gemini, Aries, Scorpio, Libra, Taurus

Aquarius supposed to be the love sign

After mine, after mine.”

A soulful message to a partner who dumped him because they weren’t ‘astrologically compatible’ this lesser-known demo track by the world-famous Chicagoan singer featured on his 1970 debut album Curtis alongside the certified classic hit ‘Move On Up’. The stars soon aligned for the young Mr Mayfield, who went on to become one of the most iconic soul singers of all time, cranking out classic tunes all the way up until his death 1997.