Lucky Charms to Inspire You – Part 2

In the first part of our blog we took a look at three lucky charms that are thought to inspire people and bring about good luck. We took a closer look at the origins of the four-leaf clover, horseshoes and ladybugs. This time around we will look at some more objects that may possibly influence the luck of an individual or sometimes even an organization.

The Number 7

Number 7 is thought to be luckier than most other numbers. Many people believe in this number and will always include it in their lottery or other instances of gambling. When it comes to dice. If you were to roll two, six-sided dice then the probability of totalling a score of 7 combined is 16.67%, which is greater than the other combinations available. There are believed to be 7 different energy chakras in our bodies. There are of course many other instances where 7 crops up, including:

  • Seven seas
  • Seven days in a week
  • Seven colours in a rainbow
  • Seven notes on a musical scale
  • Seven wonders in the world

A Rabbit’s Foot

Many people who believe in forms of luck and luck charms will subscribe to carrying a rabbit’s foot around with them. In most cases these are synthetic, rather than real. The left hind leg of the rabbit is thought to be able to ward off evil and bring about a degree of good fortune in the process. The belief dates back to 600BC and originates from Europe. Nowadays many other countries including; China, North America, South America and Africa also believe in the power of the rabbit’s foot.


A combination of rain and sun at the same time will often bring about a rainbow. The belief is that if you are able to find the end of the rainbow then there will be a pot of gold waiting for you. While this seems to be impossible in reality, it can bring about an increase in positive energy and mood, which in turn could be seen as good luck! There are many establishments that are feature the name “lucky rainbow”, not least when it comes to restaurants. While often these are Chinese, they are not limited to the far east.

Lucky Charms for Cars

Something of a global phenomenon are lucky charms for motor vehicles. Given that most people spend an increasing amount of their time travelling in cars it is no surprise of the growth of these charms. Different countries will use different charms, but the aim is to reduce the individual’s chances of being involved in some form of accident. According to Hindu mythology, “Hanuman” possessed great physical strength. Hanuman had a flag placed on his chariot which brought about so much good luck that it remained unscathed during several battles. Amulets like the Maruti Yantra which represent Hanuman are adorned by millions of people around the globe. Whether you directly believe in the power of luck charms or not, you will almost certainly know of people who do place their hopes, dream and aspirations firmly in this camp.