Lucky Numbers Around the World

Everybody has a lucky number, and we all probably picked it for a really personal reason. Quite often people choose numbers associated with their age, the day or year they were born.

But around the world, whole nations have lucky numbers that could signify any sort of reason or event. In this blog, we delve into some of the more curious and traditional reasons why numbers are chosen to denote all manner of portends and events.

Eight 8

Chinese people consider the number eight as a very lucky number. The number is pronounced as “Ba” which sounds like “Fa” which translates as “fortune”. The Chinese take this portent to incredible lengths, for instance driving cars with license plates favouring lucky eight. Even property is sought on the eighth floors of buildings, or the eighth house in a street.

Seven 7

Lucky number seven is loved all over the world, but why? The Japanese had seven ancient Gods that were considered lucky, there were the famous “Seven Samurai Warriors” that were the prequel to the “Magnificent Seven”. In Christianity, God created the world in seven days and there were seven pillars of wisdom. Muslims also believe that the world had seven layers, and there are seven heavens. Buddhists believe that there are seven chakra points on the body and this signifies goodness and the self.

On a more mundane level the number seven appears in so many everyday things, there are seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes in a musical scale, and Shakespeare thought there were seven ages of man.

One 1

One signifies a beginning; some people consider being “numero uno” means the best. It symbolises achievement and accomplishment. In some religions, the number one represents the sun, which obviously gives life.

Triple Numbers 111

Triple numbers are meant to mean secret messages are being sent to awaken you. An energy force is transmuting to you from mother earth itself. Triple one is said to represent a gateway has been opened for you, and that your thoughts will turn into reality, it is also said at this time you must be aware not to be negative in anything you do.

Three 3

The number three is considered lucky in many places in the world including China, Sweden, USA and Italy. Three is mentioned in many old Chinese sayings that philosophers have been quoted with. And the same goes in Sweden, there is an old proverb that, “All good things must come in threes”.

In ancient pagan Rome, they considered three as fundamental to life. It represented a triangle which in turn signifies balance, strength and simplicity. There were three wise men, three wishes and the “three jewels” in Buddhism representing foundation of life.

Numbers and numerology are more than just lucky charms to many people. There are many ancient reasons why certain numbers represent fortune and health. Many of these reasons are based on religion and the teachings of elders.

For others, a lucky number could just be plucked from out of the air with no real significance. But if you do believe that certain numbers have more significance than others, then who could possibly argue.