Lucky Omens Around the World

By studying the movements and the positions of celestial bodies, many astrologers say they can predict certain events as well as formulating lucky omens and numbers. Omens are valued all over the world and in some countries are taken extremely seriously.

Carrying a rabbit’s foot or stumbling over a four-leaf clover are considered by many as good luck omens. Some people even cross their fingers and make a wish that something good will happen. In this blog we look at lucky omens that many people believe are true.

Throw Dishes at Buildings

In Denmark, residents save up broken pottery and dishes until the New Year when they will throw them at houses. It is a way to wish good luck to friends and families for the following new year. Sometimes the broken pottery is simply left in a heap on the threshold of the house.

Remove Dirt

The Chinese believe that good luck enters a household through the front door, that is why just before the turn of a New Year they sweep any dust or dirt away from the doorway. It is not just the doorstep that the Chinese clean, it is every part of the house. But not to sweep away the good luck that entered the previous year, the sweeping is done inwards and the dirt is piled up at the back door where it is carried out. The first few days of the New Year no cleaning is done whatsoever, as not to damage any new luck that has arrived.

Bird Droppings

Most people who have been on the end of a bomb raid by a bird would not think it is particularly lucky to have been defecated upon. But this is not the case in Russia, the more you or any of your possessions are covered in droppings the more fortunate you will be. Russians believe that bird droppings will bring monetary fortune, and the more the mess the bigger the fortune you will receive.

The Spilling of Water

In Serbia people believe that if you spill water behind anybody then this will bring them good luck. The thinking behind this is that because water is smooth and fluid it will bring good fortune. Most Serbians that are going for an interview, taking an exam, or even taking a driving test will hope that a friend or family will spill water behind them to help them in their forthcoming trials.

The Rabbit Omen

In Britain it is customary to shout out rabbit as soon as you wake up every first day of the month. In different areas it can change a little, rabbit rabbit, white rabbit or simply rabbit. By uttering the furry animal out loud it will bring a person luck and good fortune for the coming month.

This custom has been around since the late-1800’s, and if you happen to forget to say it in the morning then by saying black rabbit, or tibbar, tibbar just before you go to sleep will be just as good. Who knows if any of these superstitions actually work, but if you believe in something then it tends to help.