Numerology and Astrology

No science, art or any other activity in general can go alone and avoid influence from others if a person is to create a full picture of how it affects their life. Same applies to astrology. Its close connection to numerology has been long known and one has been used to inform the other on a regular basis not just by those who practice this as a profession but also by those who are interested in ways the universe affects our lives. So what exactly is numerology and how does it to come together with astrology to help us understand ourselves better?

The origins

While the word numerology was first used in the English language only in 1907, the concept has existed for quite some time. The first attempts to understand how numbers influence, inform and shape our perception of the world date back to the times of Pythagoras, who believed that mathematical concepts are the most practical way to inform ourselves about our surroundings and that numbers are somewhat of a universal language that allow us to get as close to the truth as possible. Over time, many alchemists, religious figures, scientists and, in the modern day, astrologists, use numerology to understand the way our world functions and base their theories on it.

The sceptic argument

While there is no arguing that numbers are a powerful tool to comprehend the reality around us, many people have claimed over time that there is actually no way to prove that numbers are connected to our lives in any direct way. Numerology, just like astrology, has constantly been called a pseudoscience and disregarded as a matter of superstition. While it is true that scientific experiments regarding astrology and numerology most often fail to produce tangible results, it is important to remember that many aspects of our reality cannot really be explained using science either, so it isn’t necessarily wise to always disregard everything that does not have a firm scientific basis.

Astrology and Numerology

While astrology uses planets as its starting point and is structured around zodiac signs to explain certain happenings, character traits or themes, numerology employs the mathematical concepts and numbers to make sense out of past events, anticipate future trends and give insights on someone’s personality. Putting the two together can be an extremely powerful tool, and one way of doing it is understanding one’s own birth date very well. Astrology is there to provide you with information on the whereabouts and conditions of certain planets and stars the day and time of your birth, and many people have found that this information explains a lot about certain inclinations they have, help them make out their character traits and things they are good at, which can later be used to form a life’s path. Numerology, on its end, informs you about the skills you posses and potential future challenges you might need to overcome based on the numbers that appear in your birth date. Both astrological and numerological predictions usually have similar outcomes, suggesting that while it might not be a good idea to follow them blindly (and that applies to most of what we encounter), it might be worth taking a look at!

Astrology and Numerology
Astrology and Numerology