The Top Astrologers in the World Today

The ‘best’ astrologer is a nebulous term that is difficult to define. How would one go about making such a list? Most accurate predictions? Biggest audience? Most money made? Most famous?

With this list, we decided a mix of all the above with on caveat – they must have published astrological predictions within the past three years to qualify. So, without further ado, here is our (quite subjective) list of the top astrologers in the world today.

Stephen Arroyo

One of the most famous practitioners of astrology in America, Stephen is also a best-selling author and accomplished public speaker. Able to “give meaningful psychological grounding to astrological interpretation,” Mr Arroyo links the intertwined fields of psychology and astrology like no-other.

Just a couple of his best-selling books include Exploring Jupiter: The Astrological Key to Progress, Prosperity and Potential and Practicing the Cosmic Science: Key Insights in Modern Astrology.

Jonathan Cainer

One of the most widely read astrologers in the world during his tenure at the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, it is estimated that Cainer’s columns were read by over ten million people at peak circulation.

He was also one of the richest journalists on the famous reporter’s alley of Fleet Street, London. From humble beginnings at the failed Today paper in 1982, by the mid-1990s Cainer’s column helped him become a millionaire. Described as ‘the only hippy ever to write regularly for the Daily Mail’ Cainer was beloved by millions across the UK. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack in 2016 -but he was still writing horoscopes and astrological predictions up until his death. Many of these have now been published posthumously, in a fitting tribute to a mystical man.

Mystic Meg

Next up, possibly the most iconic British astrologer of all time. Real name Margaret Anne Lake, Mystic Meg wrote regularly for The Sun newspaper throughout the 1980s and 90s and then returned in the late 2000s. Known for her trademark box fringe, airy demeanour and iconic crystal ball, she was also a featured presenter on the National Lottery Draw which aired every weekend on national TV.

Before becoming famous as an astrologer, Meg wrote pornographic literature for a living. Today she mainly uses her star power to market for online gambling firms, including the Coral Group and Sun Bingo. Although she does continue as a practicing astrologer, through her official website and telephone line.

Kelley Rosano

The most followed English-speaking astrologer on Youtube, Kelley Rosano is one of the biggest stars to take astrology into the 21st century. With over 220,000 subscribers and 20 million total views on her channel, you can’t argue with the impressive stats. Kelley lives in Denver, Colorado, USA, but travels all over the world for work. She also runs her own academy, where she teaches prospective astrologers of the future all about this popular craft. Astrology experienced somewhat of a dip in popularity around the turn of the millennium, but 44-years of practice helped Kelley adapt and succeed in a new environment.