Types of Astrological Readings

The fascination of Astrology has been with us for thousands of years, looking into the sky and replicating charts of how the stars and planets align at any moment in time has provided significant prophecies of events to happen through the ages.

Because of the huge popularity of such readings and prophecies, astrology has become accepted into the mainstream media. With numerous publications and online sites daily publishing horoscopes, the average person in the street is fascinated by what the future holds for them.

There are many types of readings that interpret astrological signs, and this blog focuses on what they are.

Merlin Report

The Merlin Report is one of the easier readings to understand, it explains life in rather a simplistic manner, everyday language is used to depict what is being explained. Often the report can be conflicting, but this is often the case in astrological readings. Skeptics would argue that this is purely to cover as many bases as possible, but the proper explanation is that sometimes two characteristics are involved with a person on separate occasions.

Indra Report

This report concentrates on the individual’s actual birth, and what astrological signs were present. It has the reputation of being one of the most accurate readings as it involves a person’s character and inclinations. Reading the Indra Report the advice is given how to improve one’s aspect in life and the steps needed to achieve this, it promises if these steps are followed then you can attain improvement.

Karmic Past Life

Buddhism and other prominent religions are based around karma, and how it interacts with a person’s life. This reading delves into one’s habits, phobias, interests and beliefs and state these have all been brought about in past lives. The real essence of the Karmic reading is that it takes your past, then adds it to your present and then calculates your future. If this mystical calculation is correct then perhaps the outcome is fairly accurate.

Cayce Past Life

As you would expect the Cayce Past Life reading is pretty close to the Karmic Past Life ideology. Cayce believes that everything in the past is somehow connected to the future. And that goes for the person, your relationships, character traits, job prospects, all can be determined by looking back into your past.

Natal Report

The Natal Reading helps you to understand where your character came from, it defines your personality traits, and focuses on how you can gain awareness and helps to fulfill suppressed ability. To have a truly correct Natal Reading, the astrologer will need to know the city, the date and the exact time of your birth. The more precise the information you supply will give a much more detailed and correct chart, then you can truly benefit to the maximum.

Progressed Report

Normally performed once a year, the Progressed Reading is deep and delves deep into what your soul desires from you in the coming twelve months, and anything that may be of concern in the near future. If you can fully understand the nature of the information relayed it will help you to develop your person in terms of character. If you are aware of the future and follow your Progressed Report closely then you will be more relaxed and take things as they come.

Transit Report

The Transit Reading can be done once or twice per year and will update you of possible occurrences that may crop up to affect you. It is all about preparation and so that you are aware what may be in store for you. This could be future job prospects, relationships, health issues, that all will play a critical part of your future life. The Transit Report will give you information to help you make the right decisions and face up to these events if they happen.

Compatibility Report

This report compares two of the above Natal Reports of the two persons that seek confirmation if there is compatibility between each other. This information is not just for two betrotheds but can be of the highest importance for two business people.

It amplifies the reasons why there is an attraction, but also shows areas where there may be conflict. To get the full value out of this reading you will need to know the exact time of birth of the two parties, plus the date of birth and location.

Sometimes I search out for additional astrological information about my star sign and how to interpret different readings. I sometimes use these types of sites to see if I am going to be lucky before I choose a horse or select a football team to back. However, there are also times when I just prefer to dive straight in and play online games at sites like bgames.com or pokerstarscasino.com, pitting my skills, rather than checking if I am going to be lucky or not, most of the times that I play I tend to make my own luck!

Whatever your thoughts are about astrological readings and in horoscopes in general, there is no doubt that there is a significant amount of people around the world that truly believe in the information they provide.