Understanding a Horoscope – Part 2

We continue to try and decipher the understanding of horoscopes, and in this blog, we continue where we left off with the Rising Sign or the Ascendant.

Rising sign/Ascendant

Where the exact position of the rising point is very important, as this can help to understand how you see things in the world and how you formulate your point of view. This is like a looking glass into the rest of your persona and helps you focus on the world around.


To truly understand patterns of thought and emotions, students of astrology must also understand the importance of Aspects. Not to mislead anybody this study is not particularly easy, and when students first start their study of Aspects confusion often arises. But patience is needed to gain the knowledge of which Aspects are the strongest and which Aspects are the most important, this is key to their translation. The strongest Aspects are those that involve at least one personal planet such as the Moon, Sun, or Mars etc.

House Positions

Again, this area of horoscopes is not really for the beginner, trying to understand House Positions is to say the very least confusing. Like signs in many ways, there are also twelve Houses. They do not relay the same things as personality or activity, but more transparent items. For example, if you have the Sun in Leo, this can be read as you are a proud person. But if the same scenario occurs in perhaps the twelfth house, this trait will only happen subtly or on quieter paths. The twelve Houses on your horoscope rule certain parts of life, including environments, relationships even types of people. To give an example of how the Houses are designated here are three.

  • The First House – Self-Image

The First House is a dominated by Aries, but its ruler is Mars, it depicts how a person shows themselves to the outside world. It also describes how one interacts with their environment and looks at life in general.

  • The Second House – Self-Worth & Money

Classed as a succedent house, the second house is controlled by Taurus but ruled by Venus. This house relays all about finance and money, and things like possessions and basic values.

  • The Third House – Communication

The third house portrays how you think, communicate and interact with the environment that is immediate to you. Including relationships with family, friends, neighbours etc.

Understanding a horoscope might not be as hard as you first might think, just remember that each of the twelve astrological signs is part of an element in a certain stage. So, this then gives us twelve different stages to interpret. And as every horoscope has varying planets in different signs it means that there are no true bloods, there is no a pure Gemini or Aries.

Each and every horoscope is highly complex and individual to its owner and that is the beauty of astrology, if you believe in the signs and understanding the stars you will also understand the elemental expressions along with how the planets all have different characteristics.